Special Services

Special Services – these factors are critical to the success of an early stage company:

Articulate a vision – Founders must be able to fully explain and describe the market opportunity and how their product/service  will become a winner.

Establish specific goals – It is critical to have benchmarks for success and they are clearly identified and owned by specific individuals.

Construct the business model – This should be a highly interactive endeavor which yields the company’s operating plan with the financial metrics of the model representing the formula for the company’s financial success.

Plan product & service offerings – Describes the various products and services the company will offer, as well as the subsequent sales and marketing  strategies for success.

Business Plan – This plan will incorporate not an understanding of expected revenue, cost factors, sales strategy, competitive analysis, bios of officers and directors, financial projections, and use of proceeds. This plan is a complete overview of the endeavor.

Evaluate strategic capabilities and partnerships – This important analysis commences with the creation of the venture. Redford Day’s management has considerable experience in this field.

Funding Sources – Redford Day’s principals have extensive backgrounds in the equity-financing of early stage ventures including seed, venture capital, IPOs, and private placements of equity capital.